Q1. Who Can Be a Tribe Member?

Tribe members are Entrepreneurs, Artists and creators who believe in creating meaningful business and have a collaborative spirit.

Q2. How Can Marketing Of Why Help My Business Grow?

With the new GDPR laws, you'll need consent from your customers to be able to use their e-mail, purpose is no longer a luxury for businesses, it is now the only way to get that consent. I help businesses squeeze their purpose out of their work and I coach founders on purpose-based business.

Q3. Does Tribe Of Why Organize On-Request Learning Expeditions?

Companies/organizations can request a learning expedition in which they get to live in a country for business purposes: discover the market, make key contacts or have cultural understanding to launch a new product. This kind of experience can be tailored to a company's particular need.

Q4. Is Tribe Of Why A Company Or Service?

Tribe Of Why is an LLC under which I run both Tribe Of Why programs and Marketing Of Why.