Purpose Partners

I have always had the richest life by simply opening up to other people, dreaming up plans that make our world better. This is a richness I am dedicated to as an Artist and Entrepreneur on a constant quest to improve my art and myself to be of greater service to others, I would like to keep on learning, giving back and opening my world to exciting other worlds.

Collective Intention can go a long way, it starts with us dreaming in the same direction, for a higher purpose.

Wanna dream up a plan with me? Let me know:

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Mark Turrell 

25 Year Plan To Change The World

Exploring with Mark new ways to impact the world: from making it rain in Africa, to creating meaningful stories, we're purpose partners for the long run.


World Peace with Rabbi Yitzi Weiner

We both believe in a spiritual revolution, but one that starts with knowing facts, knowing history, knowing. Yitzi and I are purpose partners for Peace on the long run.


Blockchain with JLO from the blockchain

Yep that's really his name. JLO (Jean Loïc) from the blockchain wants empower communities with new technologies.

His community, Serendipia, is a Purpose Partner, we want to empower communities in MENA region with the latest technology.