Summer Residency @Marrakesh


Created with Love,

Marrakesh's Medina is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. But let's skip the marketing bullshit and get real:


Boosting True Innovation Through The Residency Program:

True innovation will rarely ever happen in events or within company's familiar brainstorming sessions. Residencies give the world's best talent a place to balance the time they need on their own (private flat, free evenings) with time spent with some of the world's best creatives (full program sent on request).


Building Trust is engineered in the Residency through the different aspects of the program, find your missing puzzle piece and build partnerships while at the residency.

Good Vibes Only

Nobody can create anything great out of deficit. Excellence is hard but we give you a place to re-set your buttons all while feeding on good vibes and relying on a great supportive network to push your projects forward.


Tribers open doors for each other, no questions asked. VCs, Executives and Startupers all in one place building synergies for greater achievements, but we're also building long lasting friendships and a trust-based community.